#CODE1C13TheLoveSessions: Love Believes The Best

I call 1 Corinthians 13 in the Holy Bible “The Classic Document on True Love.” Whatever it is you need to know about love and its characteristics; whether you’re really loving someone or just being undercover selfish, you can find it all here.
This passage shows you how to live selflessly, you could write a 500-page text book on this chapter of the bible. For now I just want to focus on one portion.
Paul told his brethren that Love “Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, ALWAYS LOOKS FOR THE BEST, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.” [MSG]. Love always looks for the best in people; love believes the best in people; love makes excuses for the inadequacies of people while helping to change their character flaws in prayer.

I strongly believe that if we follow all the precepts of love there will never be any such thing as a bad relationship or a terrible marriage. Imagine always believing the best about a person even when they have seemingly done you wrong? I totally eliminates strife and makes misconceptions null and void. In fact it gives not chances for misconceptions or assumptions to occur at all.

Get me right, making excuses for people or believing the best of them isn’t lying to yourself or living in denial. Not at all. It is actually deciding to love a person selflessly, inspite of themselves. Its a decision to continue to love a person and see the best in them no matter what. If you’re Christian and you’re reading this, it shouldn’t be strange at all because this is who you are and I’m just reminding you of the nature of God in you. If you’re non-Christian, that is, if you’ve not receive Jesus Christ, then I suggest you do, because 1 Corinthians 13 is much more than a 13-step love challenge, it is the fruit of a nature, one that the unbeliever doesn’t possess.

So what should you do while you’re believing the best of someone who has offended you? Pray for them and speak the righteous changes that they should exhibit (remember the righteousness which is by faith speaks). Don’t criticize them, don’t assume things, just believe the best of them and continue to remember them in prayer. That’s what love does, that’s what you do.

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